Amanda Overmyer Tribute

Amanda Overmyer known as the American Idol Rocker nurse who captured a huge audience with her sweet charm and hardcore music voice she introduces her CD Solidify for 2009

Amanda Overmyer

Amanda Overmyer’s music cd Solidify is here and has been explosive in the Music industry market and already hitting the stands of all your favorite music vendors. And if you can find it there or if it’s already sold out you can now get the new Overmyer Music CD Straight from her online store where you can get a physical CD with original arts work and jewel case, or you can download the album for a few buck less. Listen to her great new popular music hits such as Fail to Compromise, Call Your Momma, or Lets Take it Outside. Or you can also purchase each of her artist song individually for 99 cents each straight for your ipod and the great thing about the Amanda Overmyer store you can hear a preview clip of each song. Get it here at the Amanda Overmyer Store.

Influenced by music greats such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bob Seger, and CCR. Plus on American Idol she was compared daily to a young more vibrant Janis Joplin Amanda does her best to take classic rock into her own style of singing lyrics and spin them off into her own melodies and tunes. Known in her American Idol season as the Rock and Roll nurse she was applauded for being herself, riding Harley motorcycles with a carefree attitude while giving all of her fans exactly what they wanted. A raw edgy and cool Amanda Overmyer songs with the vocals of the Angel she is.

Amanda Overmyer Currently resides in Indiana where she has her own independent record label called Chile Records where she produces her fantastic vocal music and along with her CD Solidify she is also touring across the United States for concert events as well as spreading her music to people who have not heard her songs.